Monday, February 22, 2010


Jefe(The Spanish means for Boss) is the currently on going final year group project of our team.This is a research and development project which proceeds by combining the three distinct concepts; enterprise application integration architecture, business intelligence and software as a service.

Jefe is a Software Development Workflow Management System which unifies the enterprise information and intranet applications in the domain of the software development.As its name indicates Jefe (in Spanish means “Boss”) perform the role of a manager who monitors the workflow and supply the needed assistance to its users as all times.

The output of this project will fit to the real world Software Development Environment to resolve the existing issues regarding collaboration of each phases in software development process.

The framework of the Jefe is developed as a web based portal in which all the other applications can integrate to this framework as portlets and implement inter communication among those portlets in order to provide interactions among tools;which provides a single system to do all the tasks in the software engineering process.

In order to make Jefe is a complete solution all the necessary tools in the software development tools are integrated with the system.

Since Jefe is an integration of many isolated applications widely used in the domain of the Software Development, it improves the manageability, monitoring and the communication in the workflow of the software development process. So Jefe is helpful to the organisation to increase the productivity, effectiveness and collaboration while reducing the cost and development time at all the stages of the process.

For more details visit the web site of the project;

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Simply said 3-idiots was simple n superb film.I want to share my thoughts regarding this film coz it really influenced me to turn back to ma self and hv a self discussion about ma position as an undergraduate in engineering field.I recommended all engineers to watch 3-idiots,since it is a story of ourselves.

With lots of fun scenes,it gives us the major msg that is 'Choose the carrier path best suits for u. Else u hv to suffer '.I really grateful to whole 3-idiots team for output such a valuable n enjoyable film.
All is Well.............