Saturday, May 14, 2011


When I got leisure times,I began my new hobby to take photos of flowers in our garden.For that I used samsung digital camera[12mb pixel resolution].Though I'm not an experty in photography and with a small photo collection,felt those were have good quality to share with others. :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Exec Maven Plugin

This plugin is very useful while executing system and java programs.It provides two goals as;
  • exec:exec execute programs and Java programs in a separate process.
  • exec:java execute Java programs in the same VM.
The benefit of this plugin is we can execute the program without any IDE and using this maven plugin.
I will explain how to use exec:java goal in a simple helloWorld program.
  • First create a new maven project.Here I used IntelliJIDEA.
  • Then add a java class to it with having the main method.For the moment just add a System.out in that method.
  • Then add the following configurations to it's pom.xml file.

  • Next build the project using 'mvn install' .
  • Finally invoke 'mvn exec:java -o'.
  • Then the program will execute and the terminal result will displays as follows.

For further info,visit

Monday, May 9, 2011

Summarizing WSO2 Gadget Server

Near after eight months,that I have joined WSO2 team,I feel it's the better time to share some information regarding the product,that I have almost contributed there.It's non other than WSO2 Gadget Server-The Enterprise Information Portal,which provides a framework built on top of the Google gadget specification.For more information regarding Google gadget specification visit .

Simply saying,the key idea of GS is to keep all the relevant information in a single place in a well organized manner according to the portal user's preference.And the user can change this web space as a dynamical information store or either static information store according to his/her requirements.

Accepting the idea of one picture could say more than 1000 words,before going to deep on it,below shows the screen-shot of the portal view of GS.

Highlighted features of Gadget Server...
  • Embedded Gadget Repository
It is to store gadget xml files and add them to portal once user required.Gadget repository view of GS,provides information of how many users using the gadget,whether it is already added to the portal,gadget description and its ratings.

  • Allow two ways of adding gadgets to the portal
-- Store the gadget xml in WSO2 gadget repository ,and add it to GS portal.

-- Link to a gadget xml in different location and add it to GS portal.
  • Maintain role-based gadgets
Once a gadget stored in GS embedded registry,access to that gadget can be limited by setting permissions as below,in gadget permissions part.

  • Portal Theming Support
Upto now,users could able to customize portal theme from three different customized themes.

  • Portal custom layout support
Currently portal,supports six layout templates (such as one column layout,2-column layout,3- column layout,2- column 2-row layout,etc).Following is an example for a portal view having such a custom layout template.

Above mentioned are not all the features provide by GS,but a part from that stack.You can get more information from;