Sunday, August 28, 2011

Good Bye!!!

It was nearly a month ago while a guest couple has chosen a wall lamp near to our in front-door as their home.Though the couple has not get any invitation from us or neither they had provided the boardin charge ;),but they started to build their house in the lamp.Guess who had come to acompany with us??

Yaa,it was a couple of birds. Unfortunately none of our family knew their names.That's because they are not from a kind as much as familiar in our gardens as 'demalichcha,polkichcha,mayna' does.
As I observed they were hard workers and had a great relationship between them,hence they were able to buid their home step by step by going far-away to gather the home-made stuff as little plants,etc and finished the house building very fast.
It was a small but a nice home.Later I saw birds has started to live in their home,but actually not both of them.Only the female-bird was lived in their home and male-bird was stayed at a tree in our garden.I noticed that though they were in different places,some times male-bird was coming to their home as well female-bird was flying away from home to find foods.
All of our family decided not to disturb for their freedom and we just observe about them selves always from a distance.As time past,on last Saturday I saw heads of two little baby birds are coming out from their home and mother-bird was feeding them.

It was a very nice scene to watch for a while and I realized that there is no difference on parents love for a kid among humans as well as animals or birds.On a later time I noticed father-bird also came to their home several times and then at a time,I surprised that all of them are not in their home.
Hence I had a walk around the garden to search them and guess what I have found.That's the parent birds were teaching kids to fly.

I watched them for a while.First few times were not much successful,since that's only the starting time, little kids flying.But after few rehearsals I noticed they were doing well.Final round came.Parent birds with little two kids flied to a large tree at once.That's the last time I saw them and we all really missed them.Though they came to our home without any pre-notice later they were become a part of our home.Finally I want to say for them, Good Bye!!! Have a safe journey!!!