Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Some Tips on Subversion

As the first post in 2012,thought of sharing some confusing error messages which will appear while going to commit on Subversion.This blog-post will continue further as I found more such svn warnings.

Aborting commit- has no Ancestry information

Eg: .../rootFolder/svnProject$ svn commit .
svn: '/path/to/my/rootFolder' has no ancestry information

  • Reason:
While SVN checking for folder structure,if some parts of the folder tree above the folder being commited have svn metadata and some do not,this error will appear.

  • Solution:
Check the ancestor folders (especially above the folder reported in the commit failure message) and if you find an .svn/ folder in any of them,remove it. Alternatively, move the folder another location where it has no ancestor folder with .svn/ within it.

2) Aborting commit: remains in tree-conflict

  • Reason:
a) A file/directory is locally deleted but exists and is modified in the repository
b) A file/directory was locally modified but is deleted in the repository.
c) A file locally modified, but had been renamed in the repository.

  • Solution:
Keep a backup of the file/directory you are going to commit in other place,and delete the file/directory you tried to commit.Then take a svn up of it.