Monday, June 18, 2012

Introduction to WSO2 API Manager

It has been almost a while after my previous blog post.But I'm sure this blog post will be very useful and important for the audience who are keen of software business world.

What is API Management ?

API Management is a major topic,currently having main discussions and attractions in current software business world which refer as a process of publishing and managing application programming interfaces [APIs]. This have to be achieved through a Software Application known as an API Management Solution.

Why ?

APIs provide a mechanism to extend data,processes and services.Such that from a API Management Solution what we expect is that supporting for collaboration among internal teams as well external partners.

Major Features 

The common tasks associated with the process of API Management includes;
  • Governing access to and usage of APIs
  • Helping developers to discover APIs
  • Metering access and usage of APIs
  • Securing APIS through OAuth support

How WSO2 API Manager fits in 

WSO2 API Manager is the world's First Open Source  API Management Solution.It's ALPHA version release has been announced a while ago and you can download it from  here. While it offers major features expect from a API Management Solution,it consists of major three components.
  • API Gateway
API Manager View
          Which is to secure,protect,manage and scale API calls with policy enfrocement.
          Handled By :WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus, WSO2 Governance Registry, WSO2   
          Identity Server
  • API Publisher
API Publisher View
          Enables API providers to easily publish their APIs, share documentation, provision 
          API   keys, and gather feedback on APIs features, quality and usage.
          Handled By :WSO2 Jaggery, Governance Registry, Identity Server,Business Activity 
  • API Store
API Store View
          Provides a space for consumers to discover APIs functionality, test APIs online,  
          subscribe to APIs,evaluate them and interact with API publishers.  
          Handled By :WSO2 Jaggery, Governance Registry, Identity Server


    Pre-requesties :JDK 1.6 (Sun/Oracle JDK 1.6.0_23 or higher recommended).
Run Samples

     Pre-requesties :Apache Ant 1.8 or higher.
  • Download and extract
  • Go to 'samples' folder.
  • README.txt inside each of the sample folder provides complete instructions on deploying & testing sample scenarios.
  • To learn how to configure statistics monitoring, read /StatClient/README.txt
 Additional Helpful Links

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 API Manager.

  Adding to above,there's an up-coming webinar which will be held on 28th of June 2012  
  Introducing WSO2 API Manager for Complete API Management